Monday, March 8, 2010

8th March

A society in a posh colony of New Delhi, organized a grand function and felicitated few prominent Ladies of the society. A ‘Female MLA’ was given the pleasure of being the Chief Guest. Fun and frolic, a few games and a grand lunch, boasted for the event’s effervesce. It was 8thMarch, the day marked as International Women’s Day. But, what is Women’s Day? Is it some day on which the suffering women are given all their rights? Or does that means that a husband will not indulge in any vehemence with his spouse? Or would a girl not be cauterized for Dowry? Are women a down trodden, subjugated ‘class’that they need a ‘special’ day reserved for them?

The day was coined by the UN for the alleviation of women standard in this barbarous world. But commercialization has coerced this day, to lose its essence. The day’s ‘celebration’ is tantamount to Valentine’s Day. It appears, those who least need this day, ‘lionize’ it the most. The day is marred by; exchange of expensive gifts, cards and parties. But in the end, nothing much is done for the needy, except a few politicians counting their vote bank through it.

It’s respectable to have a day for the women but along with that, we need to understand the reason of coining the day. The day is not meant for felicitation and frolic but to remind us of something, something that we forget, something that we ignore- Women. Throughout the world, there is a violent oppression of women, there are ‘special’ rules for women and above all, there is no value of women. Events like ‘Women’s Day’ are daunting reminders of the brutality on women. A day in an year, can never bring change in some one’s life. A day can only remind and not effectuate.