Friday, April 16, 2010


EGO has been a word, which derived a negative connotation in the recent past and has been used to define a negative quality of humans. The problem is not with ego, but with the thin line that we cross, and unknowingly hurt others and in the long run hurt us. Self respect is not ego, neither is sticking to values is, but self pride is and so is being dogmatic to one self. Ego takes us to a level, where, we start feeling as if everything is being conspired us, even the beautiful nature seems to disturb us, let alone the imperfect human surrounding.

Not long back, I encountered a colleague, who seems to be at a high level of ego. She cannot bear any one, needs people, including the colleagues, to take appointment to meet her. In an organization of open door policy, she wants people to knock at door. People like her become a big source of negative energy, and they dissipate negative energy, just by confronting with people.

None of us is born with an ego. For the first nine months, we are totally dependent on our mothers, we had no ego and no tensions, for a very simple reason, we were too inane to understand things. Once out of the womb, for the next few years too, we are not bothered by any worldly tensions, but thereafter, when we start contemplating things, understanding things, we tend to develop a mentality, “Since we know it, we have a right on it”, and that’s the point, we are haunted.

This does not mean that we should stop contemplating things, but that; we should not feel any binding with them, since binding restricts our vision.

Now, having talked about the gloomy side of ego, let’s throw some light on the bright side. A few days back, I was thinking, why people say “Think Positive”,” “Talk Positive”. The reason, for me, is very simple, EGO.

When we think or talk positive, we not only do so, but also imbibe and understand it and subconsciously get attached to it. When someone else is going through a bad phase, we would radiate positive energy by talking positive energy. And this is a point, where a complex story unfolds. When we suggest something to someone, we suggest and above all re-iterate and take up the responsibility of being positive. The responsibility ignites our ego, and this ego starts the best of its works, when we are, under a testing time. We are under the pressure of our ego and have to think positive, this pressure unknowingly becomes out habit. Obviously, this habit distributes happiness.