Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Introspection Illusion

We have a very strong belief that what we think is based on more sound reasoning than what others reason. It gives us an illusion which justifies our actions to us. Since there is no direct connection with others, we are unable to understand the reasoning behind what they are thinking. The difference in the thought process of two individuals leads to misunderstanding.

Our thinking, our reasoning and thought processes are governed by a lot of situations and conditions. Even two people living together since birth will develop different ways to approach a problem. The reason behind the different approaches might be very well explained by The Butterfly Effect; there might have been slight deviation in experience of one of the individuals and the seed to a different path would have been sown.

Introspection illusion, as it is popularly termed, has not only led to minuscule fights, gruesome murders but also to wars between nations. The false just of our actions make us take a stand on our action and our next action is considering our current situation and past experience. The other person, who becomes the receiver of our actions, accepts our actions and words wearing the cloak of that person’s experience and situation. The major difference in the platform the two individuals the standing, creates friction.

As an individual, it is nearly impossible to eliminate the illusion, but one can just broaden the horizon of the semblance and take it close to reality. Understanding others thus plays an important part. The more we are aware of the cultures others follow and the circumstances they have been through, the better the relationship would be.