Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Falling In Love

Not a while ago I was trying hard to garner sweet words to find an alternative to “I Love You”. To all my efforts, I couldn’t cross any word, except aroha, “A strong positive emotion of regard and affection” ,which, casting me down, proved that English language lacks expression of Love. More over the word “Love” has been made so versatile, that for young lovers, it is losing its essence. We love our country, our parents, our girl friends, games etc., have different emotions for them, but surprisingly the same word “LOVE”.
Excogitating for hours, I came up with, a cliché, heard thousands of times in hundreds of movies, “I am falling in love with you”. Now there’s one thought that has been hammering my mind, the word, fall, in English has a negative connotation, still, to fall in love, means, to experience feelings of love towards someone. After my mind wandered around for possibilities of the same, I was stunned to remember a game called “Trust”.
Trust is a team game, which teaches confidence and faith towards your partner. The game has a team of two partners. The first person has to stand ahead of the second one and then needs to fall back. The fall should be a free fall and the other partner standing behind would hold his partner and prevent him from falling.
It’s never easy to fall free on your back, specially, because we cannot see what’s at the other side. There’s an inner instinct that stops us from falling and provides a resistance. Overcoming that resistance requires a mammoth effort. The only way to bypass the resistance is to imbibe in the subconscious mind, the confidence that something would hold us and would not let us fall.
Yes. My mind struck, that’s where the answer lies. It’s not about falling, it’s about falling with the faith in heart that there’s someone who would hold us. That’s what love is. Love is nothing more than trust and confidence that there’s someone who would protect us.
So, falling in love suddenly showed me a different perspective of love. It means having utter confidence in your partner.