Friday, October 21, 2011

Freedom – The intellectual fallacy the of contemporary world

Rules are the best mould for freedom, now whether they are rules or constraints, without them, freedom is devoid of its purpose. Thinking from philosophical point of view, these rules and constraints, apparently, destitute us of some liberty, but deep in our subconscious mind, cushion us with the comfort of the freedom of security.

The basic tendency of any object is to fall down to earth, but by constraining it with hinges, knots etc, an object will not only, very well, serve its purpose, but will be used to perform, far better tasks. A normal rod can be used as a lever, that too, just by constraining its motion.

We all have been fighting for freedom of choice, but now this freedom of choice has made humans more handicapped than they were earlier, without any. The television industry epitomizes it. Now with 200 + channels available, we hardly watch any channel faithfully and this has led us to a bigger insecurity of missing the soap and leads to a great deal of dissatisfaction.

A well regulated society would always keep its citizen happy, satisfied and without any tension. One would never have to bother about some person pestering one. A traffic light constraints our free movement, by urging us to stop, but gives us the freedom of security of not being overrun by a vehicle. We don’t realize, but these rules give us a lot of freedom, provided, we stick to the rules.

This is equivalent to giving a definitive direction to a large magnitude of force, produced by various sources. Otherwise, without any constraint, the effect would be nothing more than the Brownian motion. The results produced by the unity in direction are beyond imagination and those can never be achieved without any proper channelization.