Friday, March 2, 2012


The easiest task is to kill a man, and the toughest task is to kill a man. Stabbing to death is just the physical part of kill. The real pleasure is to kill someone slowly and enjoy the one watching die every moment, without letting the one realise that one is moving towards death. A murderer smells the actual victory, when he watches his victim, who bears the brutality of murderer’s cruelness which paralyses the victim, makes him dependent, and zeros him. There lies the real pleasure of committing a murder.

This pacifying murder can by no means be committed physically. The murderer has to attack within the victim. He has to attack the soul of the victim. The victim’s existence has to be subdued; his existence should be made a favour. A man may bear the loss of any materialistic thing; the real carnage is when has to lose his soul, when he has to lose his integrity and when he has to lose his ego. These unbearable losses, crush a man, they crush him into tiny pieces of regret.

Once a man loses his integrity and soul, there’s nothing for the man to defend apart from the material things. In a polished language, the murderer may call himself the leader and his victims his followers. The murderer makes his victims realize that everyone needs a soul, and it is he, who would provide a worthy soul to his followers.  

The best weapons that can be used against a victim are the carnage words: altruism, a life for others, brotherhood etc. These words are nothing but, soul denting bullets, coated with sweetness of the worldly pollute. The killer needs to make the victim realise that self happiness is the height of ego, make him condemn himself for being happy. If the victim’s rich he should bear the brunt of not helping others; if the victim’s satisfied, he should be tortured with thoughts of filthy people; if the victim’s smiling his smile should be belittled with the sorrows of the world.

The victim should be realized that he has no reason to remain happy, whenever he would see sadness around him, he should be apprised that he’s a parasite and should be bitten with thoughts about any wastage which was done by him was tantamount to a spiritual sin. As soon as he would enjoy his life, he should be bombarded with avalanche of fugitive thoughts, such as, there is a higher level of happiness which he is not experiencing, denigrate all his happiness.  He would find his soul suffocating in this perceptual doggy world.

Alas, we all are being brutally killed by some people, selling fairness creams to those, who think they lack visual appeal. We have been murdered by movie stars who pinch us by telling that we don’t have a good physique and attractive looks. We have been assassinated by those telling we are fat, by those telling us we lack confidence, by those deciding our needs, and by those apprising the society of, the so called, “Status”


  1. I think bit -Ve but the right way to keep a person down to earth... How to Kill Criminal Inside.. The Better Title I Must Say.. Well Done Boss.. Keeping our self cool & calm in the great height of success id very difficult & the person who can manage it can go high in the sky like any thing... :) Good Job Done.. Keep it up... :)

  2. Well Said. Some Self Defense techniques when some one attacks which apparently is almost everyday would have been appreciated.. Think about it and share it in your next blog. ;)

  3. Dil Garden Garden ho gaya!
    It inspires me to ignore
    and not to get bothered
    from people harassing us
    be it those in trains or bus or office or politics
    Listening to them wud slowly slowly kill us
    Let me just ignore them and
    Live Life to its maximum
    and just enjoy it