Friday, November 6, 2015

Guruuupppp - A short story

Guruuupppp…. And he went inside water, but he was helpless as he couldn't do much to prevent himself from getting drowned. He tried hard to speak, deliver a message, give a wake-up call, but everything failed. Water entered his body. First, speech senses were tripped by water, which then crept into his hearing aids, making him deaf and dumb. The water snatched off the only two powers the poor fellow had. Thank God, IT was not painful. He knew death was near, but he never expected that drowning would be the cause.

The last part left in his memory was the scene just before drowning, the traitor with a smile and saliva falling from mouth, accompanied by two creators invisible to everyone, except the traitor. One of them was red colored, round face devil with a shrewd smile and two horns; the other one was a charming angel donning a halo over the head. The intentions were clear. The devil laughed and looked to the confused body who was the decision maker of a destiny,” drown him; you have never seen anything like that going into water before. We’ll see if he could speak even after drowning, if he could hear, if he could do anything. DROWN HIM” The angel smiled and said “Don’t do that, let’s put it on the bed, that’s what the world has taught us to do”. “Screw the World. DO IT KILL HIM DROWN HIM” cried the devil.

Confused with the two strong arguments, the one year old toddler put the mobile into the bucket full of water and watched. The water entered the memory card and the last recording was washed away.