Tuesday, April 9, 2013


There's Nothing Like Anything - This certainly can be the most baffling and intriguing punchline. Let me start with defining, the word 'ANYTHING' - Anything is an indefinite thing, i,e something vague or not clearly defined or stated. This removes any possible boundary or paradigm we humans have created and thus nurtures creativity. Creativity is always smothered by the so called rules and regulations and the prototype these rules create.


Anything does not has a standard, it does not has an epitome, neither it has any precise definition. It's vague, it's as explorable as philosophy and as limited as a well. For humans, anything is a vast open field, where they are open to do what we want. We can convert it into a play ground or turn it into a farm land or into an industry we can be as vague as creating a space station. It will all depend on the creativity.

There's nothing like creativity. There's nothing like learning and the best part of learning is letting an individual be creative because we all know that we can not teach something to a person, we just need to ignite the passion and fire towards a particular job and 'Anything' will  foster the creativity.

Anything breaks perspectives, it allows individuals to view things they way they want to view in any number of ways. Its like looking at the stars and allowing one's creativity take leaps and bounds to visualize as much as   one wants.

Certainly we have seen the most remarkable and innovative people think of anything. They think by breaking boundaries and creating a whole new world of possibilities. Certainly, there's nothing like anything.