Friday, October 21, 2011

Freedom – The intellectual fallacy the of contemporary world

Rules are the best mould for freedom, now whether they are rules or constraints, without them, freedom is devoid of its purpose. Thinking from philosophical point of view, these rules and constraints, apparently, destitute us of some liberty, but deep in our subconscious mind, cushion us with the comfort of the freedom of security.

The basic tendency of any object is to fall down to earth, but by constraining it with hinges, knots etc, an object will not only, very well, serve its purpose, but will be used to perform, far better tasks. A normal rod can be used as a lever, that too, just by constraining its motion.

We all have been fighting for freedom of choice, but now this freedom of choice has made humans more handicapped than they were earlier, without any. The television industry epitomizes it. Now with 200 + channels available, we hardly watch any channel faithfully and this has led us to a bigger insecurity of missing the soap and leads to a great deal of dissatisfaction.

A well regulated society would always keep its citizen happy, satisfied and without any tension. One would never have to bother about some person pestering one. A traffic light constraints our free movement, by urging us to stop, but gives us the freedom of security of not being overrun by a vehicle. We don’t realize, but these rules give us a lot of freedom, provided, we stick to the rules.

This is equivalent to giving a definitive direction to a large magnitude of force, produced by various sources. Otherwise, without any constraint, the effect would be nothing more than the Brownian motion. The results produced by the unity in direction are beyond imagination and those can never be achieved without any proper channelization.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Circle In Life

I know, by now most of the people reading this would be wondering of some silly grammatical error. I believe, you might be gripped by the thought that, when, everyone talks of the circle of life, then, what is the circle in life? The next few paragraphs will be dedicated to defending the preposition. And let me clarify this point to all of you, this circle is the most coveted one, though it’s either latent or obscured because of our dogma.

We all have our religious beliefs and we try our best to comply with them. But the most intriguing question asked to a devotee is, “Have you ever seen God” and then starts the flow of some philosophical dialogs, which by their nature are subjective, finding no end in the ocean of spirituality. But just give a thought over the question once again. Is there any means by which we can prove the existence of God?

Every artist, writer, sportsman or for that sake any person, has a definite style of completing tasks and in his or her task, the person leaves back his / her signature. This thought made me feel that, even The Creator too must have some signature.

Let’s take a few examples, during our puerility period, every one used to play water games like splashing water, throwing stones in water and watching the ripples, enjoying water bubbles by adding some detergent or soap etc. This is the beginning of the visibility of The Signature. Contemplating on the various scenarios, we can derive that the shapes formed by the above activities either have a circular shape or a circular cross-section or are derived from circle.

Splashing water forms water droplets which are Spherical. Water waves are Circular, while the water bubbles are again spherical.

This is just the beginning of the journey. Let’s consider science. The electron, protons neutrons etc are shown as spherical in shape. In the atomic structure, the atoms revolving around the neutron take a circular orbit. Parallel to this, our solar system has the same signature. The sun is spherical in shape and the spherical planets revolve around it in elliptical motion, a shape derived from circle.

In case of mechanics, the simplest machines like the levers while in motion make an arc, a shape derived from circle. The pulley itself is a circle and the wheel too is in a circular form.

Coming back to nature, the umbilical cord, the first connection between a mother and a child has a circular cross-section. Most parts of our body have a circular cross-section or a shape derived from it. Most of the fruits, naturally grown, the bark of a tree, the branches, the roots, all have the same cross-section.

The sound travels a circular path; the most efficient mechanical equipments have the components which have a circular shape. The streamline motion forms an arc.
Having talked of the constructive things, let’s share some light on the fury. The volcano craters, the tornado, the whirlpool all have something in common. We see the same signature. Circle.

Any natural thing around us that we witness has something to do with circular shape. Some of us might well term it a co-incidence. But is this fact too minute to be degraded as a co-incidence? Here, I would like to  borrow a line from Master Uguay, “There are no accidents”. And I conceive this is as a hidden message, in form of symbols gifted to humans, and, we, being ignorant, are, dogmatically, trying to carve God out of stone.

Monday, July 25, 2011


One of the most distinctive features of a language is its ability to express the most complex things in the most lucid forms. Whenever we see a particular object, or have an ephemeral thought in our mind, it’s a language that gives us the ability and, mind it, the liberty to express it. A language abstaining from such characteristic is like a beautiful beggar. Though she’s beautiful, but she can’t express her beauty for the lack of means. Thus a rich language will always be able to magnet the educated class.

Recently we celebrated Guru Purnima, which is supposed to be an occasion of paying respect to our gurus. Suddenly something flabbergasted me, what is the English translation of the word Guru. English dictionary describes Guru as, any person who counsels or advises or a mentor. I am pretty sure, that’s what it does not mean, since mentor is a trusted guide or an advisor. A guru is not only for advice, but majorly for inner peace.

A guru cannot be a teacher since a teacher does it by profession, while a Guru follows the path by choice. Guru cannot be described as a guide since a guide only shows us the way. The art of a Guru is not only to show us the way, but to make us capable of walking alone. It would be foolish to perceive Guru as an advisor. An advisor does it for money.

Guru can neither be defined as a Father since the father son relationship grows to be a symbiotic one. Guru is not even a mother since he would, unlike her; constantly make the child aware of wrong doings.

But then how can we define Guru. Which word would suffice the vast sphere of a Guru’s nature? Which word has the honour of describing a Guru?  For me, there’s just one word. Guru means LIGHT.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


During our school days, none of the science students has ever been spared by the ailing of the gaseous equations. The only lifebuoy being the ideal gas, for its simple equation, PV = nRT. The concept of ideal gas is simple, a hypothetical gas, which obeys the ideal gas law, a simplified equation of state, and is amenable to analysis under statistical mechanics. The concept of ideal gas does seeds one thought in mind, for a better understanding of things, we need to have an idealistic scenario everywhere.

An ideal scenario, paves the path of expected behaviour and any deviation from the same might be corrected. When we need to produce a shape, first we prepare a prototype of it, then design the mould and finally pour the metal for the desired effect. The properties of the prototype are the determining factors of the properties of the resultant product.

The ideal scenario, not only exists for gas, but for humans too, when we hear the words, Discipline, Attitude, Intention, etc. they are nothing but the attributes of ideal human behaviour and they try to work as the mould for humans. But we still need a prototype to follow, since human senses work best when they see things rather than when things are defined to them. The best prototype ever produced, has been, the Generator Operator Destroyer, and we all call him, GOD.

Humans have, from the initiation, been a very selfish creature and anything created was for their own need and desire. We are well aware of our shortcomings and limitations, and, being human, have the desire to overcome the shortcomings. One can only receive from someone greater than it. On this earth, there’s no one greater than the human race, so the requirement was to create something greater that is above us. And we created Him; It is believed that, He lives in a place, above earth, Heaven, and empowers us.

Though the existence of the Supreme Being is still questionable, and the presence is just because of the strong belief we have. The basis of the existence is the impregnation of The One in the human conscious.

The basis of thermodynamics is the concept of the Sink, which is considered to absorb or remove energy from a thermodynamic system. Analogous to it is the system of human civilization, which is deeply submerged in sufferings and sorrows and desperately needs THE SINK. You guessed it right; the sink is The Holy Being. Unlike the thermodynamic sink, which has turned into pollution, the Ubiquitous Sink, silently takes up the human heat and in turn provides confidence, thus a perfect perpetual system of peace.

What we have created is an extremely flexible all good figure, which gives us the liberty to extract qualities, which we want to imbibe, for happiness in life. Thus everyone sees Him with a different perspective and to one’s amazement; the perspective fills the jig-saw of life.