Friday, August 19, 2011

The Circle In Life

I know, by now most of the people reading this would be wondering of some silly grammatical error. I believe, you might be gripped by the thought that, when, everyone talks of the circle of life, then, what is the circle in life? The next few paragraphs will be dedicated to defending the preposition. And let me clarify this point to all of you, this circle is the most coveted one, though it’s either latent or obscured because of our dogma.

We all have our religious beliefs and we try our best to comply with them. But the most intriguing question asked to a devotee is, “Have you ever seen God” and then starts the flow of some philosophical dialogs, which by their nature are subjective, finding no end in the ocean of spirituality. But just give a thought over the question once again. Is there any means by which we can prove the existence of God?

Every artist, writer, sportsman or for that sake any person, has a definite style of completing tasks and in his or her task, the person leaves back his / her signature. This thought made me feel that, even The Creator too must have some signature.

Let’s take a few examples, during our puerility period, every one used to play water games like splashing water, throwing stones in water and watching the ripples, enjoying water bubbles by adding some detergent or soap etc. This is the beginning of the visibility of The Signature. Contemplating on the various scenarios, we can derive that the shapes formed by the above activities either have a circular shape or a circular cross-section or are derived from circle.

Splashing water forms water droplets which are Spherical. Water waves are Circular, while the water bubbles are again spherical.

This is just the beginning of the journey. Let’s consider science. The electron, protons neutrons etc are shown as spherical in shape. In the atomic structure, the atoms revolving around the neutron take a circular orbit. Parallel to this, our solar system has the same signature. The sun is spherical in shape and the spherical planets revolve around it in elliptical motion, a shape derived from circle.

In case of mechanics, the simplest machines like the levers while in motion make an arc, a shape derived from circle. The pulley itself is a circle and the wheel too is in a circular form.

Coming back to nature, the umbilical cord, the first connection between a mother and a child has a circular cross-section. Most parts of our body have a circular cross-section or a shape derived from it. Most of the fruits, naturally grown, the bark of a tree, the branches, the roots, all have the same cross-section.

The sound travels a circular path; the most efficient mechanical equipments have the components which have a circular shape. The streamline motion forms an arc.
Having talked of the constructive things, let’s share some light on the fury. The volcano craters, the tornado, the whirlpool all have something in common. We see the same signature. Circle.

Any natural thing around us that we witness has something to do with circular shape. Some of us might well term it a co-incidence. But is this fact too minute to be degraded as a co-incidence? Here, I would like to  borrow a line from Master Uguay, “There are no accidents”. And I conceive this is as a hidden message, in form of symbols gifted to humans, and, we, being ignorant, are, dogmatically, trying to carve God out of stone.

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  1. The thought itself is very beautifully described by you & your thinking gives a very distinct angle....rather than the discussion we had on the same subject. Very scholarly combinations words and events. - PANCHRATAN RAWAL