Monday, January 4, 2010

Perception Is Reality

Few days back, rather I should say months, I was having a discussion with my colleagues on a very vague topic, “Perception Is Reality”, which arose from nowhere. All of us were defending, read offending, our points. In the end I was left with a few very valuable snippets of the conversation. Perception is always a perception, whether it’s a reality or not, often, depends on an individual. It is a, false yet strong, sphere that we create around our self and look the world through that sphere. It is so strong and is so indigenously imbibed in our mind that, it seems to be true. It’s a brave man’s act to break free of the perception and look the world without adjudging it. That will bring an end to our fears and anxieties. A kid is often told by his parents of a ghost, which penalizes a naughty child. The large-tree-behind ghost is so much assimilated into the child that he starts believing in the monster, it takes him courage, gathered in the next 10 – 12 years, to realize that it was just a mental image created by him. Once that perception is broken, he sees the tree as a God’s green gift for sustaining life and not as a monster home. It’s the environment, including surrounding situations, people, activities, which organizes some vague images in our mind. These situations when contemplated, even in subconscious mind, forms distinct thoughts, which are, then, taken up by us. Our beliefs and values become the links and this perception breaks the thin line to become conviction. All these steadily add up to shape our personality, our attitude and at times our faith and gradually our destiny. Whether perception is reality or not, depends on the inner strength of the person. Though it seems easy but it’s hard to persevere ones perception and it’s even tougher to break free your perception and enter into a world as it is meant to be.


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  3. Good work Umang, seems like you have a fine memory remembering this discussion.

    While you have made some very interesting points about how perception is nothing but but an opinion of a person and something he believes it becomes his reality until it is broken...till then he believes it to be his reality :)

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  5. A well knitted and though provoking blog, Umang.Keep it up.


  6. all the thoughts on perception are woven together in this blog! gr8 one Umang!