Friday, January 15, 2010

Don’t call me Didi

We read about good people in books and seldom meet them. People say that it is difficult to find them. Is it really difficult to find them, or we, just, don’t recognize them? This is yet again a two sided question. For most of us, after living in this materialistic world, the word good has shaped a very different meaning altogether, which would mean, serving our purpose. Now, not being selfish, there are a few qualities that we look for, ranging from humbleness to simplicity and generosity to philanthropy.

The reason, I am writing this blog is, a person, whom I met recently and she has, made a big impact on my life, given a new perspective to my mission. She’s, had there been a word in English to give respect; I would have used that, a teacher in one of the schools in Mumbai. I met her in an annual school function. Once I mentioned the name of our NGO, Anuthi, I could very well see spark in her eyes, the one that’s seen in the eyes of a child as he sees an exotic toy. Smile on face and a helping hand seems to be her mascot, which she altogether, carries very well.

Her humbleness and simplicity is very well reflected every time she says to me, “Don’t call me Didi” and “Please don’t thank me”. Her persistent efforts to get us a breakthrough, in the new step taken by Anuthi to explore a new vista of Educational Institutes in helping the Specially Abled Ones, induces a lot of enthusiasm in me and reminds me that still there are people who are ready to go an extra mile to do something for others and that too without any self interest.

At this point I understand, if you give some one respect whole heartedly, even the thought of the person becomes energizing. It’s still difficult for me to call her by name and I persistently hear from her, “Don’t call me Didi”.

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  1. well written ...

    A detailed description of the "didi" could have made it more interesting...

    I don't know how you judge other people but I'm a firm believer in what mam Flynn used to emphasise on .. "Praise in Departure".